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The ancestors of the Lacandon Mayan retreated from the Yucatan during the final stage of the fiercely contested Spanish Conquest of the Yucatan, anthropologists and historians say.
They retreated to the caves of the mountains of the Lacandon Jungle to continue their resistance to the Spanish, to continue their resistance to control and oppression from outsiders.
In these caves which they knew to be portals to other worlds, they entered the wonderworld of the Lacandon Jungle. They saw that this wonderworld covers the earth if you are only able to see. They reconsecrated the sacred places in the ruined cities of the classical age. They learned to make gardens in the jungle and to see the jungle as a great garden with all the food and medicine that they would ever need. The lakes, caves and waterfalls became their cathedrals. And the greatest cathedral was the jungle and its mystery.
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