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They built their godhouses and on the full moon during their Baluum Ceremonies they celebrated the divinity encarnate in the human, the human incarnate in God, in the sacrement of the sacred medicine, baoxche.
The Lacandon Mayans say the Lacandon Mayans always lived in the Lacandon Jungle. And there is no contradiction between what is said by the anthropologists and historians and the truth spoken by the Lacandon Mayans.
In the 1950's the Lacandon Mayans ran out of jungle to keep between themselves and the outside world. In the 1970's Pentocostal Evangelico missionaries began their efforts to negate the Lacandon Mayan experience of their wonderworld, and to destroy the Lacandon Mayan culture. Since then the Lacandon Mayans' struggle has been to preserve their experience, their seeing of the world as they find their way in the modern world.
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